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A Daunting Task or a Wonder-filled Delight?

Robert and the 90 day BibleTwo Years ago, I read through the Bible in 123 days….I know, I know I was supposed to read through it in 90 but…life happened.


Yesterday, I was listening to HAVEN Today, and Charles Morris had Ted Cooper on – a former agnostic who had his life supernaturally transformed by reading the Bible.  On the show Charles invited people to join him starting Monday  (1/11) to read through the whole Bible in 90 days.


The thought crossed my mind…maybe I could do it in 90 days.  Maybe I could read it out loud to my wife?  I’m on the fence.  Life is full and busy. The task seems daunting.  But maybe I’m looking at the wrong way.


Communing with God in His Word isn’t meant to be a daunting task, but a joyful delight!


What if my wife told me she wanted me to kiss her every day for 90 days straight? Would I be on the fence…of course not!  I think I just talked myself into this…and maybe I talked you into it too!  What is the worst that could happen...we don’t make it in 90 and it takes us 124 days? 124 days of communing with God more deeply.  124 days of hiding God’s word in our hearts? Would that be a bad thing?


I’m in…are you?  Email me and let me know.


You can link to the reading plan here.



Grace, Peace, and 90 Days filled with the word of God


Robert Jacobsen



P.S. You can download the monthly HAVEN music report by clicking here.

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How can this 99 day program be shared with a community, enlisting whoever may be interested? It's been done, but what are some details.

Thanks, John

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