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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Responding to the Haiti Disaster

The earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti have left a poor country that much more desperate for the basic necessities.  Many Christian organizations living and serving the people of Port-Au-Prince are now faced with an even greater mission in the months (and years) ahead.  One of many Twitter posts following the quake expressed the enormity of the situation:

"I can't imagine the devastation this has caused to such an overly stressed city - I think it will be suffering for quite some time." 7:31 p.m. ET Jan. 12

In the aftermath of this quake, Grace to You® has posted ...

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"God Shows Up . . . " Anne Graham Lotz

Every January, I like to read (or "re-read!") books to help me refocus on God's direction in my life.  One of the books I'm reading right now is Anne Graham Lotz's The Magnificent Obsession.  

Here's the part of the book speaking to my heart today . . .

"And then it hit me: God shows up in the ordinariness of our day, doesn't He? . . . He shows up in everyday situations, as we are going about our everyday responsibilities in our everyday routines."

Such a great reminder as we begin the week-He is there when we're returning phone ...

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BGEA Providing Custom Haiti Announcements

As the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association continues to minister in Haiti, they want to equip station partners with ways they can invite listeners to be a part of the outreach!

In addition to the announcements from BGEA about their relief work in Haiti and how they are sharing God's love with those whose lives have been devastated, stations are welcome to share with their listeners: 

  • A Custom BGEA Haiti Announcement
  • Up-to-Date Talking Points regarding BGEA's Relief Work in Haiti
  • Pictures from the front lines of ministry in Haiti
  • Web Banner/Button Linking Listeners to More information on Haiti ...
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Going Beyond the Call in Haiti

HCJB Global International Healthcare Director Sheila Leech gives care to a patient in Haiti Going Beyond the Call in Haiti

Each day brings a new story from Haiti:  Orphans rescued and brought to the States, a seven-year old boy is pulled from the rubble after a week, a son rejoices after being reunited with his mom.

These stories of hope can only be made possible by someone stepping out in faith - someone who goes beyond the call.  Ron Cline shares stories of hope from Haiti and the HCJB Global Hands team each day on "Beyond the Call" (Friday, January 22nd through Friday, January 29th).

Here's one story:

Amazing stories are coming ...

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

I recall my parents saying this to me more than once growing up, but it's also important to ask yourself, "what kind of friend am I?"

Proverbs 17:17 says that "a friend loves at ALL times."

In her latest special, Elizabeth George asks women she knows to define the essentials to being a friend.  In their own words, the responses are both poignant and fun.

This Valentine's Day special is first of all about Jesus' love.  But it's also an encouragement of laughter and tears, a sharing of what God's Word says about . . . loving friendships ...

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Change of Plans for Compassion

Help Haiti with Compassion

In light of the immediate need caused by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Compassion International has postponed the Global Food Crisis Day on February 10th and instead is inviting stations to participate in a nationwide "Help Haiti with Compassion Day" on Monday, February 1st.

In a letter to Christian radio stations, Compassion President Wess Stafford says,

"I'm going to simply ask you straight out, will you join with us on that day?

Will you dedicate the entire day to alerting your listeners to both the urgent needs and the opportunity to make a long-term impact in Haitian ...

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