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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Chuck Colson and Mark Earley at NRB 2010

Chuck ColsonThe need for a strong worldview is more apparent than ever-from how Christians are responding to the crisis in Haiti, to the health care debate and reactions to pop culture. It's our grounding in biblical principles that should guide our understanding and reaction to world and cultural events. That's just what Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are dedicated to helping you and your listeners do every day. On BreakPoint® and The Point®, they candidly explain the reality of situations from a distinctively Christian stance.

Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are very significant figure in my life-greatly shaping my ...

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You're Invited to Joni's NRB Hymn Sing!

Since there's nothing like getting together for a time of worship singing hymns, the ministry of Joni and Friends® invites you to join them in their annual NRB Hymn Sing

Anticipating the year ahead and how God will continue to use Joni and Friends® and its radio station family partners to touch lives, the ministry looks forward to spending this special time with you!

Joni Hymn Sing: Monday, March 1st from 5:00PM-6:0PM 

Join us for a sing-a-long time that will lift your spirits and inspire you with the words from the faithful hymns . . . contact me for ...

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A New Set of Clothes!

ClosetAs winter gets ready to change into spring, we're all in sink with what it means to put on a new wardrobe! That's exactly what Al Sanders shared with the Ambassador team in our devotions today. But this change of apparel had to do with our spiritual lives. We studied Colossians 3:1-14 and were reminded about not only what we should put on but also about what we should take off. You can listen to Al's devotions too by clicking here!

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More Radio Response to Haiti

  • Monday, January 18, 2010
HAITI: What's happening and how your station can be a part of it.

Updated reports of the devastation left by the massive earthquake in Haiti has prompted a heightened need to broadcast the ways in which we can help Haiti recover.

Please take action today so that listeners can be informed about how to effectively demonstrate their care & support for Haiti.

Download Audio

Please consider airing these new PSAs that will update your listeners on ministry efforts and encourage them to pray give support to trustworthy organizations:

Download Sound Bytes/PSAs

NEW :60 Wess Stafford/Warning about charity scams/Compassion’s financial integrity PSA
NEW :60 Information on sponsored kids in Haiti ...

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Haiti Radio Response

HAITI: What's happening and how your station can be a part of it.

In the wake of the earthquake devastation in Haiti, many ministries are taking immediate action -- both on the ground in Haiti and on the air in Christian radio. Here are a few ways your listeners will be informed, and a few things your station can do to add to the coverage.

On the air

What listeners will hear today in response to the devastation:

Charles Morris will share an eyewitness account from a woman who is in Haiti and watched a mountain split in two during the quake.

What listeners will hear tomorrow:

"HAVEN Today"
Charles Morris will ...

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Connecting the Dots as We Work Together!

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2010
  • Evelyn Gibson
  • Insights

The devastating earthquake that hit Port au Prince Haiti has mobilized the ministries Ambassador represents like never before!

It has been a morning of emails, calls, recordings, special reports and most of all-requests for prayer for the children and families of this city where poverty is rampant.

HCJB Global is sending a medical team as we speak made up of doctors, nurses and other personnel to begin immediately the task of attending the needs of a people devastated by the earthquake and now its aftershocks.

They'll work in tandem with relief teams from Samaritan's Purse who provide immediate ...

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