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Live from Lausanne


The year was 1973.  The Sears Tower and the Sydney Opera House were finished.  Also, the first cell phone call was made.  Obviously, a lot has changed since 1973 - which was also the year of the first gathering of the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

What is the Lausanne Movement today?  And what do we need to know about this gathering of 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries?  Wayne Pederson of HCJB Global will be at the conference in Cape Town to help answer those questions for us and for listeners in a daily 1:00 report called "Live from Lausanne" October 17-24.

QUESTION:  What will happen at the Lausanne Conference?
The very first Lausanne conference on global evangelism in 1973 shaped the theology and methodology of evangelism and mission for the next 25 years.  This year's Lausanne conference in Cape Town South Africa promises to shape the passion and strategy for evangelism for the coming decade.  So much has changed since 1973.  A new passion and strategy is needed to address the cultural, theological, economic and ethical issues of our time.  

QUESTION:  How will the conference be used to advance Christianity worldwide?
:  I believe Cape Town will shape the tone and the strategy for evangelism and missions for the next 20 years.  We will be more effective in our call to reach every tribe and nation when we have placed top priority on evangelism and discipleship.  And this will be even more effective as we network with other with a similar calling and passion to reach the unreached around the world.

QUESTION:  Why do people go?
No single evangelism or mission organization can by itself bring the world to Christ. Today we're seeing a growing passion for collaboration and partnership.  One of the key reasons many are attending the Lausanne Conference in Cape Town South Africa is for the opportunity to network and partner with like-mined global ministries.  You can hear first hand how God is putting this together in my daily "Live From Lausanne" reports.

QUESTION:  What is your role in this conference?
:  I'm there to represent the important role of media and health care in reaching unreached people around the world.  I also want to be part of this global movement which will create the strategy and priorities for evangelism and missions for the coming decade.  I want to network with leaders and organizations that are focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.  The CEO's of HCJB Global, TWR, FEBC, IBRA, FEBA and Gospel for Asia will be attending the Executive meeting of World By Radio I will be producing a daily "Live from Lausanne" radio feature which will be aired on Christian stations around the U.S.

Each day Wayne will post a 1:00 recap -- "Live from Lausanne" -- to Ambassador's FTP site.  Book mark the location below and download a new spot each day the week of October 18:

Username: station
Password: aaa

"Live from Lausanne" Folder

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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