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Make A Difference Today!

Make A Difference Tour

"You can be a world changer."

I'm sure you've heard about the "Make A Difference" Tour with Max Lucado and friends.  Teaching from a core life passion, Max is challenging concert attendees nationwide to out live their lives.  Your listeners, I'm sure, are familiar with this concept as it's what Max has been sharing on "UpWords®" over the last few months.

I'm excited to see not only Max, but also Third Day, Toby Mac and Michael W. Smith this Saturday when I'll be attending the Ontario concert.  I'll be sure to take some photos and share them with you. 

Not only is Max teaming up with these Grammy and Dove award winners, but he's working closely with World Vision.  At the concert, attendees are given the opportunity to sponsor a child.  It's Max's personal goal to see 25,000 children sponsored by the end of the tour.  Thankfully, as of a few days ago, almost 5,000 children have already been supported!  I am looking forward to see how many more will be given a renewed hope through sponsors in the days to come.

Travelling to 20 cities across the nation, Max's call for compassion is refreshing. On a recent feature, Max acknowledged that "it has always been a hallmark of the church to help people." This message may seem obvious, but it is something I have too often forgotten about.  I'm always thankful, and humbled, by Max's message as he reminds me what my life as a Christian should be about. 

Here is a video clip from Max, sharing the goal for the MAD Tour:

For more information on how you and your listeners can participate, you can go to www.makeadifferencetour.com and www.maxlucado.com 


Thank you for your partnership with Max in as you broadcast this message to your listeners.  As great as the tour is, it is limited in the number of places and people it can reach.  With your help, Max is able to overcome these challenges and reach thousands more in the hope of, together, changing our world.

KiYong Kim


We Connect. Ministry and Media 

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P.S Ambassador was asked to create a video to help celebrate Max's 25 years of publishing.  Check out the video tribute we created, honoring Max's 18 years of radio ministry:

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