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Joni and Friends® - I Can!

Joni and HermanHave you ever had to prove yourself to someone? To dash stereotypes just to be given a fair shake? October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month - an issue which is very important to Joni and Friends®. And - to me.

I still remember the feeling of deflated frustration when an employer of many years ago questioned my ability to handle physically demanding tasks - my outward appearance of being an amputee sometimes pre-judges me before I even say a word. Not only did I work extra hard to prove my ability, I always felt the pressure to over do. Prove them wrong.

See? I'm just like everyone else. No, it's ok, I got it - I can do this.

The Campaign for Disability Employment collaborated with AMC Entertainment to put together the "I Can" public service announcement. It's an excellent representation of the issues folks with disabilities face in the work environment.

Quality work, a lasting legacy and contribution to society, is not contingent upon our ability to hear, walk or carry - it's built on dreams, passions and heart.

Not only was Joni an integral part of the movement 20 years ago with the Americans with Disabilities Act, she edifies the "I Can" message every day - even while battling breast cancer. And, it's reflected by the inspiring work she does every day.

Joni was recently interviewed by PBS Religion and Ethics for their TV program.

And, read this great Christianity Today article regarding Joni's new book, "A Place of Healing".

Joni is the example of "I Can". And, what's even better is - one day - she will run into the Father's arms, free and untangled from this world's pre-judgments.

One day - we all will. I can imagine that. Can you?

Anna Sinclair

Ambassador Advertising

We Connect. Ministry and Media.

PS - Be sure to download National Disability PSAs from our FTP site - for use this month and beyond!

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