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My name is “Donor” and I have a message for you.

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This morning several from Ambassador's marketing team joined Seth Godin for a fascinating nonprofit webinarHow to become a Linchpin in Your Organization -- what it means to be indispensable and do work that matters.  We learned not only about what's going on inside the mind of a donor, but what it could mean for your nonprofit organization. 

My name is "Donor" and I have a message for you:

  • I don't want to follow a factory where the goal is "output."  I want to be a part of a tribe where the goal is "community and "influence."
  • Because of the internet your job is a thousand times more powerful.  It can help you organize a tribe--to connect with me and my friends all the time for free.
  • Being part of a tribe is a part of human nature.  It used to be unheard of not to share your food, time and money.  The internet is helping bring us back to tribe mentality.
  • The reason people like me give money to charities has everything to do with how my peers think about me, how I think about myself, the stories I tell and the stories I tell you.
  • I can tell if you're like everybody else.  You're primary goal should not be to never hear criticism from me. 
  • Do work that is so powerful that I will want to contact you before you ever know my name.
  • The web is not just a cheaper way to advertise.  I'm connected to Groupon -- the fastest growing company in the world - not because it's important to them, but because it's important to me. 
  • I don't fund organizations that are boring.  What can you develop for me that I would miss if it were gone?
  • Each day I scan the web for what's unexpected, personal and artistic.  Am I finding this from you?
  • When encountering organizations I'm always asking:  "Who do I believe in?" "What is the purpose?" "Where is the hope?"
  • The internet has trained me not to be as interested in traditional fundraising mechanisms.
  • You can leverage my trust if you've earned it. 
  • The rule of Candyland, "Pick your card and do what it says" is not the rule of non-profit organizations (and linchpins) today!  I can tell if you're playing the game.
  • If you really care about the vision and mission of your organization you will not apologize for creating a revolution.
  • If I see you on Oprah I may give you $20, but then I'm gone a few months later.  You can't build a relationship with me that way.
  • I'm more vested in your organization by reading your content-rich blog than following your entertaining tweets. 
  • I don't want to just give you cash -- I also want to give you my time and energy.  Do you give me an opportunity to do that?  Habitat for Humanity does.
  • I can tell you're doing a dozen things mediocre.  Drop nine and wow me with three.  Seth Godin doesn't use Twitter because he knows he'd need 2 hours a day to do it well.
  • Your factory can have too many linchpins.  Your tribe cannot. 
  • What would happen if you were never allowed to get a new donor?  Would you talk to me differently?

So what do you think?  Do donors ask for too much?  Is creating and managing a tribe worth it to your organization?

We highly recommend reading Seth Godin's Linchpin and Tribes for further perspective!

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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