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Compassion is the Church's best apologetic

Pastor Max Lucado at the Make A Difference ConcertThis weekend I attended the "Make A Difference" concert with Max Lucado.  The concert was an incredible experience filled with upbeat and uplifting music by TobyMac, Third Day and Michael W. Smith.  The musicians skillfully ushered everyone into heartfelt worship as they consistently gave God the glory.  What stood out to me the most, however, was Pastor Max's presentation of God's "plan A" solution for the problem of poverty and the caring of orphans and widows - the Church! 

"Compassion is the Church's best apologetic," he said.  I couldn't agree more!

While on the center stage, Max shared a funny story about a young relative.  This child, who loved to play with balls, was focused on getting a basketball through the hoop that was in Max's driveway.  He gave everything he had (including a 'granny toss'), but was unable to get the ball remotely close to the hoop.  Only after lowering the net and being lifted on top of Max's shoulders was the boy able to make the basket.  To Max's surprise and amusement, the boy bellowed a victory shout:


Max argued that this is exactly how we often treat God.  Thankfully, in heaven we'll see with 20/20 vision the way God lifted us up to achieve the impossible.  Just in the same way God lifts us up, however, Max was saying that we should lift up those who are in need. Standing in front of thousands at the concert, Max lifted up his hands and asked us to do the same.  Lifting up our hands symbolized holding up those who are less fortunate than we are.

Pastor Max sharing at the Make A Difference TourThis same weighty exhortation was provided to the pastors at the backstage dinner just before the concert.  Teaching from Acts 6, Max asked everyone to join him in being a part of the solution.  One way Max is trying to change the world for the Kingdom is by asking concert attendees to sponsor children through World Vision.  It's his personal goal to see 25,000 children sponsored by the end of the year!

Thank you for supporting Max and encouraging your listeners by airing "UpWords®."  This weekend I was reminded that on our own, we can't change the world.  When we stand together, however, nothing is impossible!  As we lift each other up, I know that we will see the Church continue to unapologetically show compassion for Christ's name sake.

KiYong Kim


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