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Jesus Over All

How do you convince a non-believer today that Jesus was God? Over 2,000 years ago there were many people who watched Him heal the sick, raise the dead, and subdue demons ... yet they didn't believe! 

This month, John MacArthur shares with listeners four compelling accounts from the Gospel of Mark that explain the purpose behind Jesus' amazing displays of power and what His miracles then have to do with how we minister to others today.  It's a new two-week study that makes the case that Jesus is, indeed, over all (airs November 8-19).

Of course, be sure your listeners tune in to Grace to You®  during Thanksgiving week to hear lessons that explain from Scripture how to be content and grateful in any circumstance.

Did you know Grace to You® is planning a very special event for your listeners next year?  Here's what John MacArthur had to say about it on a recent broadcast:

"This is the time I want people to start planning for this one-time event ... an upcoming conference called Truth Matters.  It's the desire of our hearts to bring together the extended Grace to You® family from all across this nation and other nations around the world to give an opportunity for you to have face-to-face exposure to the teaching you have enjoyed through Grace to You®.  You will be able to meet with other listeners around the world and will have time with me and our staff ... this is a Grace to You® family reunion." 

Wow, that sounds like a reunion your audience won't want to miss -- nor will I!  Find out more details at TruthMattersConference.org

Grateful for your on-going partnership!

Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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