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A Mercy Filled Treat

Trick or Treat ChildrenIn a few days, children all around the country will knock on their neighbors doors hoping to fill their sacks full with treats.  The treats they will receive, however, does not compare to the treats that children that come aboard the Africa Mercy receive.  These children will not just receive a handful of chocolate and sweets - they will receive the gift of seeing for the first time, breathing easier or even walking because of the free, world-class surgeries they receive. 

There is, however, an even greater gift that children and adults alike receive when they are cared by the Mercy Ships® team.  In addition to their physical healing, they receive a renewed sense of dignity, belonging and hope.  They are now able to go back to their homes without needing to feel ashamed.  What a wonderful treat this is!  Most importantly, they have seen the hands and feet of Jesus in action in their very lives.  They have been shown mercy, even in spite of their "lowly" situation, just like God showed mercy on each of us.

Happy ChildrenIt isn't, however, just those who receive mercy who find satisfaction!  In fact, the Mercy Ships® volunteers seem to be just as blessed by the result!  There is a great joy that they experience as they share their resources with others, and this is what keeps them going.

"The Mercy Minute®" is filled with stories of selfless grace and hospitality.  It doesn't only highlight the kindness of remarkable people, but testifies to the great love of our remarkable God! I am always encouraged to live in the same powerful and dynamic way and share the blessings I have received.

We've all been gifted with various talents and resources to utilize.  I'm thankful that you have chosen to use yours to share the message of mercy.  I can't wait to stand before the King in the last days and see the thousands of people who decided to show mercy because they heard an example on your station.  Even more marvelous will be the revealing of the people who had mercy shown to them.  What a treat that will be!

Kiyong Kim


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