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Share YOUR Story

Compassion International is inviting sponsors, radio listeners and child advocates to share their story of how intentional words and kind acts encouraged them as a young person.  Let's share motivating stories that will inspire people to Speak Up With Compassion®!

Watch Wess Stafford explain in this short video . . .

At Compassion's blog Wess Stafford continues his request for inspirational stories -- stories that we may one day hear on Speak Up With Compassion®.  Here's what he says:

Will you join our campaign to motivate adults to deliberately bless the children in their lives? We're gathering stories from across the world to powerfully demonstrate that children are indelibly shaped by the words and actions of adults.

By simply sharing our true life stories through various media channels, I believe we will challenge and inspire others to actively invest in the lives of children!

Who believed in you before you believed in yourself?

Who told you that you were smart and then that encouragement planted a seed of confidence in your life?

Who said, "You have a beautiful voice; I loved your song," and now you sing for a living or get great joy from singing for others?

Who told you they appreciated your creativity and their comment gave you a sense of self-assurance that is still with you today?

Who said, "My, what a lovely picture you drew," and now you make your living as an artist?

Please share your unique story with us! Or, share someone else's story: that of a friend, family member, historical figure or Bible character.

In addition to posting your story as a comment on this blog, it may eventually be printed in a book or perhaps in Compassion Magazine or featured on my daily radio program, Speak Up With Compassion®.  Let's share our stories with one another and become very intentional about blessing the children God brings into our lives!

For details on submitting stories please see the instructions at the end of Compassion's blog post, "Tell Us Your Story!"

So...what's your story?

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry & Media.

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