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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!


1)  Facebook

2)  Tom Sawyer

3)  Oregon Senator

4)  NCIS

5)  Jon Campbell's nemesis

6)  L.A. Forum

7)  "I was lost on a trail" -- or NOT

8)  Emergent or non-emergent?

9)  Leia's brother?!

10)  Gaither's Sidekick


Not sure? Ask Peggy for the answers!

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October 31 -- A Christian's Response

Trick or Treat GirlGrowing up in a pastor's family, I always knew that October brought a slew of questions regarding Halloween. Were my parents going to let me Trick or Treat? Would I be doing anything but praying for people during the holiday? Would I attend a "Fall Festival" instead of a "Halloween Party"?

When I was younger, I hated these questions. It felt like people were judging my every move. But now I realize that wasn't it at all. They weren't judging...they were looking for answers. The same is still true today--I hear it at church, see it ...

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Joni and Friends® - I Can!

Joni and HermanHave you ever had to prove yourself to someone? To dash stereotypes just to be given a fair shake? October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month - an issue which is very important to Joni and Friends®. And - to me.

I still remember the feeling of deflated frustration when an employer of many years ago questioned my ability to handle physically demanding tasks - my outward appearance of being an amputee sometimes pre-judges me before I even say a word. Not only did I work extra hard to prove my ability, I always felt the pressure to over do. Prove them wrong ...

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My name is “Donor” and I have a message for you.

  • Tuesday, October 12, 2010
  • Katie Burke
  • Insights

seth godin webinar













This morning several from Ambassador's marketing team joined Seth Godin for a fascinating nonprofit webinarHow to become a Linchpin in Your Organization -- what it means to be indispensable and do work that matters.  We learned not only about what's going on inside the mind of a donor, but what it could mean for your nonprofit organization. 

My name is "Donor" and I have a message for you:

  • I don't want to follow a factory where the goal is "output."  I want to be a part of a tribe where the goal is "community and "influence."
  • Because ...
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Make Peace

How many people do you know who have given up on church?

"They're all a bunch of hypocrites!"

"They really let me down."

"When I needed the church the most, they were not there for me."

I could tell you story after story of those who claim to still have faith in Christ, but have no faith in His Church. For most of them, there were issues of disagreement, or areas of conflict that seemed insurmountable. They're left with deep wounds and lingering pain.

Jesus said "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of ...

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Live from Lausanne


The year was 1973.  The Sears Tower and the Sydney Opera House were finished.  Also, the first cell phone call was made.  Obviously, a lot has changed since 1973 - which was also the year of the first gathering of the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

What is the Lausanne Movement today?  And what do we need to know about this gathering of 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries?  Wayne Pederson of HCJB Global will be at the conference in Cape Town to help answer those questions for us and for listeners in a daily 1:00 report called ...

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