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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Make A Difference Today!

Make A Difference Tour

"You can be a world changer."

I'm sure you've heard about the "Make A Difference" Tour with Max Lucado and friends.  Teaching from a core life passion, Max is challenging concert attendees nationwide to out live their lives.  Your listeners, I'm sure, are familiar with this concept as it's what Max has been sharing on "UpWords®" over the last few months.

I'm excited to see not only Max, but also Third Day, Toby Mac and Michael W. Smith this Saturday when I'll be attending the Ontario concert.  I'll be sure to take some ...

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Broadcasting Heroes Answer: “Who’s Your Hero?”

We've asked several of our heroes (each celebrating a birthday this month) to share the name of one of their heroes.  And for good measure, one of our own AAA October birthday-ers responds too!

Joni Eareckson TadaThere was a season in
Amy Carmichael's life during which she was virtually bedridden for 13 years with a physical disability.  Some of her most touching yet wisened insights were penned during that time -- insights that have reached deep into my heart.  That has made her one of my top heroes!

Joni Eareckson Tada / Joni and Friends® (October 15)

Ken HamMy hero is someone who ...

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1)  8 - S. on S.S. 

2)  3 - B. M. (S.H.T.R.) 

3)  4 - Q. in a G. 

4)  24 - H. in a D. 

5)  1 - W. on a U. 

6)  5 - D. in a Z. C. 

7)  57 - H.V. 

8)  11 - P. on a F. T. 

9)  29 - D. in F. in a L.Y. 

10)  64 - S. on a C.


Not sure? Ask Peggy for the answers!

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Three Generations of Grahams

We talked about Joshua in my Bible Study this week and reflected on how God calls people to specific ministries - how He uses us individually to reach others for Him.

As BGEA celebrates their 60th anniversary this year and reflects on their ministry outreaches, a current web site article shares about Franklin Graham, the calling on his life and how he has preached to more than 7 million people all around the world.

Franklin has been preaching the Gospel in modern cities and rural villages since 1989.  In addition to sharing His Word to crowds, Franklin shares about Christ ...

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Random Acts of Kindness

Don't you just love to receive little surprises?  I sure do! Random Acts of Kindness It reminds me someone cares for me, and took the time to do something special just for me! 

Over the years, I've been blessed to be the recipient of many random acts of kindness.  From a lovely flower on my desk at work, to surprises left on my front porch.  God has often provided for me through the love of anonymous friends.  So now I try to "pay it forward," and find that in doing so, I am the one that really gets the blessing!

On her ...

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OK--no Google cheating here ... I'm trusting you!

1)  Agnes Goxha Bojaxhiu

2)  Marion Morrison

3)  Paul David Hewson

4)  Lawrence Ziegler

5)  Krishna Pandit Banji

6)  Chaim Witz

7)  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

8)  Archibald Leach

9)  Caryn Elaine Johnson

10) Lewis Alcindor Jr.


Not sure? Ask Peggy for the answers!

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