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Who’s your favorite Peanuts character?

peanuts gangIn the book of life, the answers aren't in the back."  ~Charlie Brown

"I love mankind. It's people I can't stand."  ~Linus Van Pelt

"Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement." ~Snoopy

A lot of us grew up delighting in the work of that great theologian . . . Charles Schulz (born 11/26/1922).  So . . . which of the fascinating Peanuts crew would you call "favorite"?  Why?  Add your response to these below (also found in the November Update newsletter).

Scott Curtis"I have to say my favorite character is Snoopy.  I have the requisite collection of Snoopy Hallmark Christmas ornaments to back it up.  His flights of fancy fueled my daydreams as a kid and who didn't want to be as cool as Joe Cool?"

J. Scott Curtis
Operations Manager / Moody Radio

Albert Swanson"The creative side of me admires Schroeder's single-minded focus on his music; the mischievous side loves Snoopy; and the self-depricating side relates to Charlie Brown. But the analytical, philosophizing nature in me would have to choose Linus (and I can relate to the way he panicked whenever he was without his blanket)!"

Albert Swanson
Radio Production Coordinator / BGEA


LuAnne CraneLinus...hands down! Aside from the obvious "adorability factor" (OK, what mother hasn't had a child stand at the washing machine waiting for their favorite blankie to emerge?), I'm captivated by Linus' innocence about the world; his loyalty to an oft-picked-on friend; his patience with an obnoxious sister; and his profound grasp of theology, i.e. "...and that's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!"

LuAnne Crane
Executive Producer & Co-host / Family Talk


Scott KeeganMy favorite Peanuts character is Snoopy. It is his indomitable spirit, whether it is after being shot down by the Red Baron, or being chased by the neighbor's cat, Snoopy is always ready to face danger again - after a time to rest and lick his wounds! And the joy of having such a wonderful friend like Woodstock - kind of like being married to Karen! Yes, Snoopy is definitely, Joe Cool!

J. Scott Keegan
National Director / Moody Radio


It has to be Linus. Who else but he calmly, carefully and accurately gives the right answer to what Christmas is all about. I remember being able to quote this passage in part because of watching this as a child (yes even the original airing of the program in the 60s!!). When all else were saying cash, trees, gifts, he calmly takes the stage and gets it absolutely right!

For me it’s Linus. I love his famous pumpkin roll, but more so, his wonderful witness of Christ on the stage of that school auditorium. Each year he tells Charlie Brown and millions of others what Christmas truly means.

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