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What is the Oldest Song you've sung?

Odes of SolomonI've always wanted to go to Israel ...to walk where Jesus walked.  Maybe even travel around Asia minor- visit Ephesus where Timothy pastored the church.

I don't know if that will ever happen, but I take comfort and delight in the fact that I can read the same words Timothy read, and be ministered to them in much the same way he was.

Not only can I read the same words he read, I can sing the same songs that he may have sung.  The Odes of Solomon. They are the earliest Christian Hymns we've ever found.

Up until just recently we only have had the words - first translated into English in 1909 and then again by Professor James Charlesworth at Princeton. For the first time in nearly 2000 years, music has been set to The Odes by John Shreiner, worship leader and composer. John consulted with Professor Charlesworth and Dr. Hughes Oliphant Olds - considered the foremost historian on the history of church worship.

We got such great response when we first released The Odes that we're going to revisit them on 11/29-11/31 when we will air not only music from The Odes and offer the historical background, but also the message component of the program will be based on sermons  from the early church.

It's pretty unique, I'm really excited to hear how it ministers to your listeners.  I know it will interest them, and if you want to "whet their appetite" and have Charles on in morning or afternoon drive to talk about it specifically with your listeners, let me know sooner rather than later, and we'll see if we can make something happen. Thanks for letting me know.

Let me leave you with Ode 13

Behold, the Lord is our mirror. Open your eyes and see them in Him.

And learn the manner of your face, then declare praises to His Spirit.

And wipe the paint from your face, and love His holiness and put it on.

Then you will be unblemished at all times with Him.


Grace, Peace, and Joy

Robert Jacobsen

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