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Anne Graham Lotz in Uganda

"For God so love the world .  .  . ", John 3:16 - a familiar verse to believers, but never has the verse impacted me more than right now as Anne Graham Lotz confirms plans to hold an event in Uganda next Fall . . . and, as my daughter and I prepare to leave for Kenya in a week!  

Anne Graham Lotz and her ministry team have accepted an invitation from church leaders to hold a week of ministry in Kampala, Uganda next November.  The capstone of the week of ministry will be a daylong day of Bible teaching and Bible study training for thousands of Ugandan women. Anne's heart and messages will be offered with prayer that they bring a fresh touch from Jesus to women faced with pressures of family, work and living life in a developing country.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I are packing and preparing for a two week missions trip serving the African Inland Missionaries at the Rift Valley Academy.  Our privilege will be to come alongside missionaries whose life calling is to share the Gospel with the African people.

Grateful this Thanksgiving that God reminds us of His love for the entire world as John 3:16 shares . . . and for such incredible opportunities to share His love in Uganda and Kenya!

Thankful also for ministry on the airwaves through "Daily Light for Daily Living®" -- changing lives on this side of the world!

Lee Ann Jackson


We Connect. Ministry and Media.

P.S. Need special programming for Thanksgiving?  Don't forget about the two :60 features Anne recorded which include special Thanksgiving messages--contact me for details!




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