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Elizabeth George's Holiday Survival Kit - Part 2

With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas soon after, it's certainly a busy time!  It's easy to start feeling stressed about hosting a family gathering or finding just the right gift for a loved one.

Elizabeth George says, "Take a little breather.  Let's plan to survive the holidays, no matter what!  And, you know what?  It takes just that-a plan!"  In her latest Christmas special, Elizabeth suggests 10 steps to make it through the holidays.

Download the 25-minute special, "A Holiday Survival Kit . . . for A Woman After God's Own Heart from our ftp site (go to "Specials/Christmas 2010" folder).  Then, email me to confirm release via ftp or to request Amb-OS permission.

In my last post, I gave you Elizabeth's first three tips-here's a few more to keep you moving towards a more stress-free holiday season . . .

#4 - Manage your home (it's OK to establish rules and boundaries for your home life!)

#5 - Pay attention to your husband (provide help and speak words of encouragement to him)

#6 - Love your children (make a gingerbread house together; read classic Christmas stories together)

Stay tuned for the rest of the list, but I trust that these steps will be good reminders to keep a godly perspective in preparing for the holidays ahead.

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

Go here for the most updated A Woman After God's Own Heart feature titles including five special messages for airing the week leading up to Christmas.

P.S.  Not "A Woman After God's Own Heart" radio partner but want to share these timely messages with your listeners?  Just let me know and I'll be happy to send you detail on how to download them for airing right away!

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