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An International Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving MealTomorrow morning, my wife and I will be flying over the Pacific Ocean.  This year, we're celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and their baby boy in Korea.  I'm sure that we'll all have an incredible time of fellowship together over some lovely home-cooked meals. Many of you are also gearing up for amazing meals (yes, multiple meals!) and quality times of sharing with your family  We are, after all, about to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Across the world in Togo, while Thanksgiving isn't celebrated as an official holiday, I am sure that thousands of families are fervently talking about everything they are thankful for.  Many can now see, walk and even breathe again without the fear of suffocation.  Communities have also been given a chance for a better life from water wells and basic medical care - all of this was brought to them by Mercy Ships®.

Previously without any hope for healing, the sick often went to witch doctors that performed voodoo ceremonies.  This, however, did not solve their problems.  In fact, it often made the problem worse, causing many to believe that they were cursed.  Thankfully, Mercy Ships® brought in world-class hospital medical care to this nation that ranked 159 out of 182 on the 2009 HDI.  Thousands of medical procedures were performed - all for FREE! 

The sick received physical healing and a restored sense of dignity.  They also learned of the message of Jesus Christ. They know that it is because of God's love that the dedicated men and women of Mercy Ships® came to serve them.

This is why the men, women and children in Togo aren't just celebrating over Thanksgiving.  Every time they see the blue sky, walk to school or breathe freely, they are reminded that they have been given a second chance at life, and they know it! They are thankful for not only Mercy Ships®, but everyone who shared their Christ-centered vision.  That's why we're thankful for YOU this season too!  Your partnership has helped give thousands of people all over Togo (and beyond) hope and healing.

Who knew that Thanksgiving was such an international holiday?

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Thank you again for your support of Mercy Ships® by airing "The Mercy Minute®."

Kiyong Kim


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