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How to Live a Successful Christian Life

"Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is to life." Jonathan Edwards


Several weeks ago our couple's Bible study began reading the "Power of a Praying Life."  Granted there are many challenges facing each one of us (as well as our friends and family) that require a lot of prayer, but we chose this study because we all agreed on the need to develop a more intimate fellowship with God.  It wasn't too long before we realized how much we'd forgotten about this basic principle for living a successful Christian life.  Maybe some of your listeners need an encouraging reminder too. 

It seems fitting then that this month John MacArthur begins a survey of these core principles -- prayer, obedience, trust, praise, spiritual gifts, bearing fruit -- for living a successful and dynamic life, exactly what God intended.  Whether a seasoned saint or new believer, we all could use a refresher course and help in getting Back to Basics.  Invite your listeners to tune in to "Grace to You®" beginning November 29.   

John MacArthur's Christmas BookThen later in December, John MacArthur takes us back 2,000 years ago to first-century Israel, giving us a first-hand perspective on the miraculous birth of Christ.  Don't be surprised if this two-week series on The Promise of Christmas radically changes how you think about this holiday.  By the way, a beautiful companion resource to this study is "God's Gift of Christmas," available at GTY.org.   

As I look ahead to the holiday celebrations with my family and friends, I'm reflecting on all the blessings I've enjoyed this past year.  One of those is you!  Your on-going partnership with Grace to You® and the commitment to bring the Gospel to your audience is a highlight for me and the ministry.  You are very much appreciated! 

Praying you and your family enjoy the richest blessings this season can bring! 


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media 

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