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Shopping this Thanksgiving?

UpWords® ShoppingThis Thanksgiving, just like the ones before it, many people will be out shopping to get the best deals on Black Friday.  Although I've never gone out that day to go shopping, I've certainly seen the deals and have gone online to see what I can get!  It would seem that with the internet and online stores like Amazon.com, the spirit of shopping has invaded our homes to a deeper level than before, diluting the actual celebrations we should experience.

Personally, I know that this is how my life often is on a daily basis.  Instead of being thankful for the life I have and faithfully going to God in reverence, I focus on the distractions on my life.  That's why I'm thankful for Max Lucado's daily reminder to look UpWords® and keep my focus on God.  He is the one I should be focused on!

Whether it's Thanksgiving or New Years or 'just another day', I appreciate listening to Max as he provides a God ward perspective on life. With titles like "Refocus on God", "Life's Tug-of-War" and "True Compassion" this December, I look forward to listening to Max's daily word of encouragement.  I'm sure your listeners will benefit from both Max's pastoral heart and his Biblical insight as well!

Kiyong Kim


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