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Catching the vision

HCJB Global SonSet Radios to GhanaWhat happens when people really "catch the vision"?  They respond.  In a BIG way.

That's just what happened recently for Moody Radio listeners with the help of HCJB Global.  They were given an opportunity to go "Beyond the Call" and send solar powered fixed-tuned radios used to spread the Gospel to entire villages.

One listener said,

"If this will make a difference in a single person's life, that's huge. To make a difference in several people's lives would be an incredible blessing. Yesterday I read a scripture from Matthew about going into the world to make disciples. I can't go to Africa myself but I can send a radio!"

It starts with a great partnership
HCJB Global and Moody Radio embarked upon a dynamic campaign, aimed at funding 5,000 radios to be sent to Ghana, Africa. 

How did they do it?
Four weeks of campaigning.  Four HCJB Global representatives.  Five Moody Radio Stations.  Dozens of Volunteers. 3,696 donors.

The result was astounding
The response was staggering.  HCJB Global's call center in Colorado Springs was flooded with pledges from eager donors with a heart for radio, missions and the African continent.  Each Moody Radio Station raised 100% or more of their original campaign goals.  As a result, the campaign funded over 2,000 radios above the goal; radios which will be used to reach Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone with the good news of Jesus Christ!

In addition to funding 7,000 radios, this campaign sought to fund a 4-year Global Leaders Scholarship to Moody Bible Institute for an international student.

An opportunity to go "Beyond the Call"
Listeners caught the vision.  They were excited to be a part of this story . . .

One young woman wanted to give but did not have any funds available. That very evening, she found an anonymous check of $100 in her mailbox and joyfully donated it to the campaign.

Another caller was a teacher whose students were so excited about the project that they took a classroom donation to fund radios.

Yet another donor wept with joy as she donated radios that would be used in her home country of Ghana.

Praise God for the opportunity for the Gospel to be spread in Africa through these radios.  You can learn more about the "Turn the Radios On" project at hcjb.org/turn-the-radios-on.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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