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Who are the Joneses?

Compassion Who are the Joneses?















There's nothing like shopping at Christmastime to make one very aware every merchant's desire to make us "want."

You surely can't be happy without ______________.
Won't ________________ make you look great?

_______________ will change your life.

I'm so glad Compassion International has created a new website to help us keep perspective this holiday season.  The site is called "Who are the Joneses?" and its purpose is to realize how blessed we are. 

The site allows users to take a journey to four different developing countries - areas where people live below the global poverty line of $1.25 per day.  Rather than making visitors feel guilty about their own prosperity, Compassion says they're "driving people to action in helping the billions of people around the world who have little or no access to basic necessities."

Mark Hanlon of Compassion International says, "My hope is that this website will take some of the pressure off of those of us -- and I include myself in this -- who feel pressured by this rat race that we often find ourselves in.  It's only when we realize how blessed we are that we can truly bless others."

Take a test drive of the new site and share it today!  Let's remember to "Speak Up With Compassion®" this holiday season.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

P.S. Have you seen the show "Undercover Boss"?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go undercover in your organization?  That's what Compassion's Executive Vice President David Dahlin did recently in a trip to Honduras.  Read his story at Compassion's blog!

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