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Moving from Fear to Freedom

When my son struggled in school, I worried.  When he took up bodyboarding at age 16 ... I worried.  When he started driving ... I worried.  He turns 27 this week ... and, okay, I still worry.

Over the years though I've learned to worry less about my son and trust God more.  It's not always easy ... yet daily prayer and meditating on Scripture has helped calm my heart during those worriesome times. 

Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine with Grace Fox

Perhaps you have moms in your audience who are struggling with worry, especially this season?  Encourage them to tune in this week to "FamilyLife Today," when Grace Fox (mother, author, and speaker) talks with Dennis Rainey about the fears that top a mother's worry list - many that once controlled her own life - and shares ways moms (and dads) can move from fear to freedom. 

You can find more relative programming from FamilyLife by downloading December's promo pack now.

 Tis the season, though for some families it's one that brings with it a long list of worries.  That's why FamilyLife is privileged to partner together with you in bringing your listeners help for today, hope for tomorrow ... timely content and resources to equip them in their daily lives.  We're believing that in the midst of all their fears this holiday, they will find true freedom in our Savior's birth. 

Merry Christmas!

Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media 


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