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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Mark Your NRB Calendar for BreakPoint®!

BreakPoint®If you've been in the industry long, you know that while we're just now turning the calendar to December...NRB will be here before we know it! That's why I wanted to make sure you knew about a special BreakPoint® partner gathering happening at NRB!

As your schedule begins to form, we knew you wouldn't want to miss this time. Go ahead and put it in your planner now. All you need to do in order to RSVP is drop me a quick note.  I'll send you a confirmation and make sure to give you ...

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Moving from Fear to Freedom

When my son struggled in school, I worried.  When he took up bodyboarding at age 16 ... I worried.  When he started driving ... I worried.  He turns 27 this week ... and, okay, I still worry.

Over the years though I've learned to worry less about my son and trust God more.  It's not always easy ... yet daily prayer and meditating on Scripture has helped calm my heart during those worriesome times. 

Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine with Grace Fox

Perhaps you have moms in your audience who are struggling with worry, especially this season?  Encourage them to tune in this week to "FamilyLife Today," when Grace Fox ...

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"I Am The Lord's Servant"

2010 has proven to be a full year of ministry for Nancy Leigh DeMoss and the team at Revive Our Hearts as they've faithfully produced and delivered daily long-form and short-form programming and held three major True Woman '10 events resulting in more than 12,000 women in attendance.  They also hosted a sold-out Pure in Heart Conference just recently in the Tampa area.

This ministry serves as an outflow of God's call on Nancy's life.  Her life verse is Luke 1:38 which states, "I am the Lord's servant, Mary answered.  May it be to ...

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Catching the vision

HCJB Global SonSet Radios to GhanaWhat happens when people really "catch the vision"?  They respond.  In a BIG way.

That's just what happened recently for Moody Radio listeners with the help of HCJB Global.  They were given an opportunity to go "Beyond the Call" and send solar powered fixed-tuned radios used to spread the Gospel to entire villages.

One listener said,

"If this will make a difference in a single person's life, that's huge. To make a difference in several people's lives would be an incredible blessing. Yesterday I read a scripture from Matthew about going into the world to make ...

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Who are the Joneses?

Compassion Who are the Joneses?















There's nothing like shopping at Christmastime to make one very aware every merchant's desire to make us "want."

You surely can't be happy without ______________.
Won't ________________ make you look great?

_______________ will change your life.

I'm so glad Compassion International has created a new website to help us keep perspective this holiday season.  The site is called "Who are the Joneses?" and its purpose is to realize how blessed we are. 

The site allows users to take a journey to four different developing countries - areas where people live below the global poverty line of ...

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Shopping this Thanksgiving?

UpWords® ShoppingThis Thanksgiving, just like the ones before it, many people will be out shopping to get the best deals on Black Friday.  Although I've never gone out that day to go shopping, I've certainly seen the deals and have gone online to see what I can get!  It would seem that with the internet and online stores like Amazon.com, the spirit of shopping has invaded our homes to a deeper level than before, diluting the actual celebrations we should experience.

Personally, I know that this is how my life often is on a daily basis.  Instead of ...

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