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When you look back at past Christmas celebrations, what would you change? (And, you can’t include uninviting Uncle Harry and his dog!).   


Would you spend less, cook less, or would you have skipped one of the many Christmas party invitations?  Maybe you would have even taken a relaxing vacation!


One thing I would change would be to have done less, and enjoyed the season more. 


Every summer I create a Christmas project schedule (yes, I’m a little obsessed with planning ahead), but this year I was thrown off schedule by a couple of months, and was beginning to feel stressed. 


So this week I’ve torn up my schedule.  I really want to relax and enjoy the holiday season.  I won’t be pre-cooking for weeks.  I won’t be cleaning like a crazy person.  I won’t be doing any last minute projects or shopping.


Emilie Barnes has motivated me.  Over the years on “Keep It Simple,” she has encouraged us to do just that – KEEP IT SIMPLE.  So, I’m going to try.  Here are some of her simple holiday ideas you might want to try:


Ø      Let your family pick one or two Christmas events they want to do, instead of something every week.


Ø      Combine your tree decorating, with a small potluck Christmas party.  The guests can help decorate the tree and you’ve combined two holiday functions.


Ø      Draw names for gift giving instead of trying to buy everyone a gift. 


Ø      Give gift cards; put them in a miniature stocking as a fun way to present the gift.


Now instead of planning another day of shopping, cleaning or cooking, make a cup of tea and put your feet up.  Relax, and enjoy the season of our Savior’s birth.


Blessings to you,


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador Advertising

We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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