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Unlimited Opportunities for 2011 and Beyond

HCJB Global Nepal Radio Station















It's a good feeling when you flip back the calendar year and realize just how productive you were able to be in the course of twelve (seemingly short) months.  The team at HCJB Global knows all about that -- and they're excited to have all of us join them in the "unlimited opportunities" they see for the cause of Christ in 2011.  

All it takes is a quick look back to see that God is blessing the work of HCJB Global.  Here are a few examples, as the ministry's president, Wayne Pederson, recently wrote:

Who could have imagined the opportunities that would open when a devastating earthquake struck the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere? HCJB Global Hands came to Haiti with doctors, nurses, community development workers, radio engineers and counselors to minister to broken bodies and shattered lives.

Who could have imagined two years ago that Nepal, one of the world's most restricted countries, would open up and we would plant four FM radio stations run by young believers trained by HCJB Global?  (Read more from the past year)

If it weren't for the new radio stations in Nepal that launched this year, the ministry would not have received responses like this one:

Listener from Nepal: "I am a 17-year-old high school girl who was living a normal life. Then I realized that I was struggling with sin issues and because of the program 'Blessing Hour,' I learned about Jesus. I kept listening and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I feel very blessed in my life." 

Do your plans for 2011 include being a part of a worldwide movement that's transforming lives, families and communities?  I hope so!  One way to start is, if you aren't already, to air "Beyond the Call" from HCJB Global and share with your listeners stories of what it means to be "on-mission" for Christ.  Next, contact Katie for information on what it would mean for your station to join HCJB Global in one of their many "Unlimited Opportunities" projects for 2011.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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