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"Why, Lord?"

It’s hard not to ask, “Why, Lord?” in the aftermath of the horrific tragedy in Haiti.Haiti Picture


While this side of heaven, we may never know the answer to this question, it really doesn’t matter.  God is in control.  He does have a perfect plan for each of us, even in the midst of heartache and disaster.


As I watched the news broadcasts of the earthquake, I was so touched that despite all the devastation, there were many arms upraised to God, thanking Him for saving them, begging Him to save their loved ones.  They sought God.


Emilie Barnes suffered her personal crisis when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She was devastated.  But, she drew close to the Lord, and trusted Him with her life.  As you know from listening to her story on “Keep It Simple,” she is now cancer free, with a much stronger walk with the Lord. 


Emilie’s message to others facing a crisis is to remember that God will never leave you, that His love will always be with you. And, to seek God in your circumstance, He won’t fail you.


My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:2


Sheri Cooper



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