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NRB 2010: A Year to Remember for Prison Fellowship!

Chuck Colson and Mark EarleyThere's a lot that happens at NRB, and sometimes it's hard to keep one year separate from another in our memory. I can tell you for me, this year will stand out! I am so priviledged to have served as the Account Executive for BreakPoint® and The Point® for the last couple of years. This year Prison Fellowship has some very significant milestones that I'm looking forward to celebrating with them!

First, the opportunity to hear Chuck Colson in person at the Closing Banquet. In addition to the powerful address that he'll be giving, he's also being inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame. I grew up influenced by Chuck Colson (as were my parents and grandparents). Now I have the honor of serving with the ministry by helping stations partner with BreakPoint® to influence their communicates for Christ. I'm constantly amazed by how many people have been transformed by the ministry of Chuck Colson throughthe ministry he founded, the extensive written works he's authored and, of course, through radio!

Being able to participate in days of transition has also been special, as Prison Fellowhip has develoepd a short feature, "The Point®." Especially significant for this one-minute feature during NRB, "The Point®" is being recognized as "Short Feature of the Year." In the past 365 days, we've seen many more station partners add this feature. One only has to talk with Mark Earley to know he has a heart for transformational discipleship--to see lives changed and God using the people we'd least expect for His Kingdom. You'll hear this passion come out on "The Point®" every day! 

This year is going to be fantastic...but it's not only about NRB. Chuck Colson and Mark Earley are anticipating seeing more lives changed, more communities impacted and more families reconciled through the ministry of Prison Fellowship. It's because of your partnership that this is possible! And that's why Mark wants to make sure you get time with him during the Ambassador Open House for BreakPoint® and The Point. Here's all your details:

Ambassador Suite
Presidential Boardroom A
Monday, March 1<
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

(if you can't make it to this session, let me know. Perhaps we'll be able to work out something else!) We board the plane for Nashville in one week...so I'll be seeing you soon! Can't wait to connect!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising: We Connect. Ministry and Media

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