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Eternal Security -- Do You Have It?

That's often the question a Christian might ask a non-believer.  But did you know many Christians consider the question for themselves, wondering if by some word or deed they could lose their salvation?  I know I have.  And unfortunately that concern, and fear, can often paralyze believers from moving forward in their relationship with God. 

Well in March on "Grace to You®," John MacArthur tells listeners that God Won't Let You Go in a week-long study where he examines a doctrine that's often called "the perseverance of the saints."  We'll learn with assurance that there's nothing we can do to lose our salvation once we receive it. 

Also airing this month is a brand new study from John MacArthur on the subject of The Sabbath and Why We Worship on Sunday.  More details on these two series can be found when you download March's programming information. 

If you or your listeners want more of John's Bible teaching, the ministry now makes available the official Grace to You® Application for iPhone and iPod Touch.  Find out how to get this FREE app here.

Headed to Nashville this week?  Then be sure to check out Ambassador's NRB page for activities as well as helpful travel info. 

Hope to see you there!

Michelle Blood


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