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What Are Your Weekend Plans?

The weekend is almost here, and I bet you are you already having visions of sleeping in, doing something fun, or just relaxing.  Me too!


But, every Saturday, despite my great plans, I end up spending hours cleaning, when there are so many other things I’d rather be doing!  Does this scenario sound familiar to you?


From listening to “Keep It Simple,” I knew

Emilie Barnes must have a creative idea to shorten my cleaning time, so I didn’t have to clean all day.  And, of course she does!  She calls it her “speed cleaning” method.   



It is really fast and efficient!  Here’s how she does it:


Start at the top of the room, and work your way down and around the room, working in one direction (mop/vacuum last).  Start at one end of your house and work around to the opposite end.


I love this part, work in 15-minute increments!  (Amazingly, you can clean a bathroom in that time!) 


Turn on music as you clean, phones off (cell phones too!), avoid all interruptions, and don’t start tasks that aren’t part of the day’s cleaning plan. 


Now when Saturday morning rolls around, I just get the cleaning done quickly, then I’m off for a day to do my favorite things – like spending time with my grandkids!


What will you do with all of your extra free time?  Enjoy!



Sheri Cooper


For more information about Emilie Barnes and “Keep It Simple” click here.


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