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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Come See Bob Lepine Host Game Night at NRB!

NRB Game NightWhen I go to NRB, I spend all day, every day "on the job," networking and exploring ways to partner with others for the cause of Christ.  BUT, I make sure I block out time for the FamilyLife Game Night.  Laughter indeed does the heart good, and I guarantee your side will ache when the night is done.  Seeing emcee Bob Lepine try to dance to the trivia songs is just "wrong" - but hilarious. 

Whether you're good at trivia or not, you need to mark this Game Night "attendance mandatory" on your schedule!  (Doug Hastings, Manager of Administration/Moody ...

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Do You Fit In?

  • Tuesday, February 23, 2010
  • Lee Ann Jackson
  • Insights

I dropped my 7 year old off at school the other day and as I watched her run off to the playground, I was reminded of the need kids have to fit in.  Almost immediately, Rebecca ran to meet her two best friends and show off her new outfit. 

Of course, a child's need to fit in isn't really unique . . .  my three were distinctly aware of this reality at a very young age-wearing the right clothes, hanging out with the cool kids and playing the popular sports were intentional decisions on their part.  

As parents, we pray that ...

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Joni and Friends® Family Retreats

You've probably heard Joni talk on the radio about the ministry's Family Retreats--those incredible five days of Christ-centered inspiration and respite for disabled children and their moms and dads.

But did you know that you and your listeners could be part of the team who helps to make this miraculous ministry possible?

In your community, there are hundreds of disabled children, adults and their families who need the touch only Jesus can bring. Many of these families haven't had a respite in years.  You can help get the word out about Family Retreats-ask for volunteers . . . and be ...

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Travelin' Light--to NRB: a Metaphor for Life!

  • Monday, February 22, 2010
  • Evelyn Gibson
  • Insights

LuggageSaturday morning I was on the elevator in my condo building and a couple got on who were obviously "moving in." The man person was carrying a tower of shoe boxes and didn't appear all that happy about it!

I thought to myself--"whoa lady, you need to edit those shoe boxes!"

It's number one on my list for travelin' light, whether it's to NRB or any trip you take.

Guys, this is primarily for us gals, but if there's something here you can latch on to, be my guest.

First, shoes take up too much ...

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Max Lucado's International Ministry

  • Monday, February 22, 2010

Max Lucado UpWords®In my experience, I have found that Max Lucado is an international heavyweight when it comes to sharing the gospel message:

  • A friend in the Philippines gave me a Max Lucado devotional workbook (one of his favorites) as a parting gift.
  • My sister took my copy of Max's book, "Travelling Light" I left in Hong Kong to China and shared the book with her Chinese friends.
  • My parents have read a few of his books in Korean and suggested that I read them as well (in English)!
  • I'm confident that I've seen Max's work in bookstores ...
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Brad Mattes Talks About Life Issues®!

There really isn't any issue Brad Mattes can't relate to life-from Superbowl commercials to Haiti!

"From coast to coast and everywhere in between . . . more and more people are coming face-to-face with the reality of abortion and saying yes to life," Brad, "This is shaping up to be an exciting and victorious year for the babies . . . we must continue to give everything we've got because the majority is speaking out for life."

Specific life issues Brad has been sharing about lately . . .

  • There's a new and impressive study showing abstinence-only sex education works--the results have been published ...
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