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It's Award Season

Charles Morris NRB AwardIt's award season.  I don't know what you were doing last Sunday Night, but I was watching the Oscars with my wife (she did most of the watching, I was playing with the kids and occasionally poking my head to in see if there were any big upsets).  My wife LOVES to watch the Oscars.  She also loves to watch hockey...so whereas the foolish husband might write something here about the frivolity of Hollywood award shows...not me.

Now I can't keep straight all these award shows...SAG, Golden Globes, Emmy, Academy Awards, Oscars.....wait... I think the Academy Awards are the same as the Oscars....see what I mean?

 However, there are some awards that I do keep my eyes on, and you should too. As someone who works in Christian Radio, I'm always interested to see who ends up being honored at the National Religious Broadcasters convention.  While the NRB award winners don't walk down a red carpet wearing $30,000 diamond bracelets, they've adorned themselves with something of greater substance and worth...they've adorned themselves with Jesus.

Charles Morris is one of those winners.  Just last week, HAVEN TODAY was awarded best long-form program of the year.  Congratulations Charles!  There is no one I know who is more deserving.  I'm glad to see so many others recognize what I already knew.  You do a great job, every day, of pointing people to Jesus.  Well done.  Keep telling The Great Story, it's all about Jesus.

Robert Jacobsen

HAVEN Today Account Executive

Amb-OS Satellite Operations Manager
Ambassador Advertising Agency
1641 Langley Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 949-681-7600 ext. 612
Direct: 949-681-7612


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