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From Russia with Love

We were heartbroken…both of us. We couldn’t have children; at least not the way most people do. God had for some reason or another given us that special gift of infertility. A gift that Hannah, Sarah, and Elizabeth were all given.  Like them, we wondered why the Lord would bless us with that emptiness.  The Bible is clear, “children are a blessing from the LORD.” Why wouldn’t He bless us?  Why would He allow unmarried teens to give birth to unwanted children? Why couldn’t we bring children into our happy, healthy, God fearing home?


It turns out we could, we would just need to go to the other side of the world to do so. God made it plain to us that He wanted us to adopt. So after much prayer and much soul searching we decided to embrace the call of God “This is true religion, to care for widows and orphans in their time of need.” 


We decided to adopt from Russia because it is close to our countries of origin (Amy’s Mom’s side of the family is from the Ukraine, My family is all from Norway) and

all adoptions in Russia are “closed” adoptions (we didn’t want the drama that goes along with an open adoption). 


At first, Amy was more fearful than I was.  Let’s face it, if you grew up in the US before the fall of the Berlin wall, you had every reason to fear Russia.  Between the bombing drills in school, the political rhetoric that went back and forth between the US and the USSR, and movies in which just about every bad guy was Russian…there was plenty of reasons to be afraid of going to the former Soviet Union. Little did we know how two little treasures from our nations’ former enemies would turn our world upside down…for the better.


We adopted Grace at 9 months old, and Paul at 3 years old.






As you can tell…they didn’t have all that much to smile about when we adopted them.


..they do now.




Adoption is a great thing…but it’s also a hard thing….but aren’t most things in life that are worth doing hard?


Amy and I sat on the couch last night after the kids went to bed, and listened to the upcoming FamilyLife Today broadcasts for March 22-24 (working at Ambassador I get to listen to some broadcasts before they air…BTW - EXCELLENT programs for anyone who is thinking about adopting.)


Dennis Rainey shared this great reminder “Our Spiritual adoption, that God went to the trouble to secure by sending His Son to die on a cross for our sins and adopt us into His family…. tragically, it’s not perfect either, as we get born again into God’s family…I wish that I could say I was a perfect follower, but I’m not, and that adoption has not gone as perfectly as I’m sure my heavenly Father wished it had gone.”


 Children who are adopted come from hard places.  They have wounds and scars that run far deeper than you know, but as Christians we believe and trust in a God who can do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ask or think.


He already has in the life of Robert, Amy, Grace, and Paul.


P.S.  Grace still thinks God lives in Russia, because that is where God gave her to us.



Robert Jacobsen







Something about those before/after pictures of Grace and Paul reminded me once again of what an eternal difference maker you are, Robert. You lead one of those very rare ‘hundred times what was sown’ (Mark 4:20) kind of lives for Jesus.

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