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Tears and Tweets from Haiti

If you follow Compassion International President (and speaker for "Speak Up With Compassion®") Wess Stafford on twitter, then you saw these tweets last week during his visit to Haiti:

Wess Stafford tweeting from Haiti

In between tweets Wess had time to call in to record his first-hand report for "Speak Up With Compassion®" - airing Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16-17.

"They say that all the children now have two birthdays . . . the day they were born and January 12 when their country was reborn.  This is a moment in the history of this country where the Church is rising up.  It is the only viable, credible institution today in the country.

If you don't normally air "Speak Up With Compassion®", please feel free to air these two 1:00 features.  Contact me for Amb-OS permissioning or download at our FTP site (Programs/Speak Up With Compassion®...3-16-10 and 3-17-10).

Katie Burke
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry & Media.

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