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Living Passionately

Basketball and SkyAs an international student, I quickly learned that March was an unusually intense and focused time of the year for many men (and some women).  "March Madness" took over the entire campus.  It was virtually impossible to get across the cafeteria, dorm or even the library without hearing the latest scores, the brackets and teams.  Some people literally lived and breathed college basketball.

Imagine if our lives were daily lived with that kind of fervor and passion for Christ!

What a difference would that make!  We wouldn't walk around aimlessly, but have a very clear and defined focus for living.  Personally, I often live life without a passion ... even a passion for God.  Thankfully, God is passionate for all of us all the time.  He makes it very clear that  He loves us, despite all we do. 

I love how Max Lucado paints a picture of how God loves us as his own:

"We are his idea. We are his. His face. His eyes. His hands. His touch. We are him. Look deeply into the face of every human being on earth and you will see his likeness. Though some appear to be distant relatives, they are not. God has no cousins, only children.

 We are, incredibly, the body of Christ. And though we may not act like our Father, there is no greater truth than this: We are his. Unalterably. He loves us. Undyingly. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ. (Rom. 8:38, 39)"

(An extract from "Bold Love" article by Max Lucado)

Max's daily UpWords® feature truly points us back to God.  It reminds me of God's loves for me, and gives me courage to love God and others back.  UpWords® is a great reminder to daily draw nearer to God.  As Max talks about "Serving Christ," "Difficult Questions," "Genuine Faith" and other topics in April, maybe we can start living more passionately for God - living and breathing for His purposes.



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