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Protect Yourself!

While recently driving down a Southern California freeway, I noticed something that really struck me funny - actually it had me laughing so hard I could hardly see!


If you have ever driven on our freeways, you know you see a lot of odd and often different things. I've seen quite a few in my years driving, but this was really hilarious!  It was a very large, older model car that someone had painstakingly covered with rows and rows of reflectors, reflector tape, and rubber bumpers - all over the car.  

As I drove past the car (which was driving very slowly) I noticed the driver was a young woman, a teen driver.  This just started me laughing even more, as I imagined a parent trying to protect their precious daughter by outfitting the car with all these "safety features."  I could only wonder what they did to the inside!  But the girl seemed unfazed by the stares of all of us on the road with her, and confidently (and safely) drove on toward her destination.

Being the mom of three grown kids, who all at one time were teen drivers, I know how the parents of that young woman must have felt sending her out on the road.  They thought they could protect her by outfitting the car as they did.

This made me think of the lengths in which we'll go to protect ourselves.  We have alarms, the newest technology we can afford, and lots of insurance.  But are we really protected?

I'm reminded of Emilie Barnes and her battle with cancer.  On her program, Keep It Simple, you've heard her share how she struggled through a horrific battle with cancer.  She says the Lord's love and encouragement through the Psalms were her strength and comfort.  She covered herself with God's armor to fight her battle.  And, I am pleased to say won the battle, and is cancer free.

The best protection we have is to equip ourselves, as Emilie did, with the armor of God.  We shouldn't walk out the door in the morning until we have gone before the Lord in prayer, and spent time in His Word.  You can't fight the days' battles without equipping yourself in Christ.

So I encourage you today, as it says to do in Eph 6:10-17, to put on the armor of God, and go out with confidence that you are truly protected.

Sheri Cooper


 For more information about Emilie Barnes and Keep It Simple click here.


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