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The Daughter of an Orphan . . .

Christian Alliance for Orphans

It was an interesting week after my dad died.  I flew in to spend the week with my mom and sisters.  And each night, for a week, at exactly  7:00PM, my mother would begin her narrative.  It was the story of her life.  Her way of coping with loss.

I'd always known my mom was an orphan and ultimately adopted-twice.  But it wasn't something she dwelt on or talked about.  It was one of those family "things"; part of the mysterious background as to why we only had grandparents on my dad's side of the family.

It wasn't until my dad died that I discovered my mom's story had a dark side.  An abused side.  I'll never forget what she said: "We didn't call it abuse back then, but I was abandoned by my parents."  All she had was a faint memory of being taken away in the night to an orphanage with two younger siblings-nothing more!  I have no idea how much time she spent in the orphanage before she was adopted by a man and woman who she said were "cruel to me."  She was taken back to the orphanage and adopted again.  A family whom she described as "not very loving," but who cared for her until she married my dad at age 19.  She never knew what happened to her siblings-was it a brother and a sister?  We only know of a brother after some extensive searching.  The memories of a young child so dim after so many years.

We meant everything to my mom.  I sensed early on she lived her life through us-especially me.  And I realize these many years later the impact of this twice-orphaned child on my life.  On my decisions.  On my choices.  On what I choose to do for children who are so much like my mom-abandoned, neglected, abused.  Orphans for whom God has asked us to defend; to speak up on their behalf.

Jesus said:  "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me, but the one who sent me."

Evelyn Gibson
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry & Media

Christian Alliance for Orphans SummitChristian Alliance for Orphans' Summit VI
April 29-30
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Local churches across America are transforming the lives of orphans through adoption, foster care and overseas orphan ministry.  You and your listeners can, too.  At this year's Christian Alliance for Orphans' Summit, Christians who have a shared passion for orphans will have the opportunity to participate in more than fifty workshops and hear from leaders like John Piper, Tom Davis, Mary Beth Chapman and Al Mohler.

Promote the Summit:  Contact Katie Burke for a Radio Tool Kit including spots, talking points and interview opportunities.


Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for sharing. As an orphan myself and as I work with orphans in Uganda, East Africa, I experience day after day what you have described. The affects of an orphan heart run deep, molding and shaping the individual, but there is hope. Hope in our True Abba Father and hope in our "church" family. The call to care for orphans and widows runs deep throughout the bible. It is not a mandate, but an overflow of God's love in our lives.

Thank you for your passion and work.

Helen Parks

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