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Representing Life Issues® . . .

It's said that pictures are worth a thousand words.

The picture on the right is worth far more.

In addition to representing a commitment to the value of all life, Brad and Ellen Mattes and David Ruleman, WAVA (Washington DC) are parents of service men representing a "life issue" as important as any in which any of us will ever engage.

The "Life Issues®" Hospitality Suite time at NRB 2010 was a time to give thanks to the nearly 400 stations which join the ministry in underscoring the need to protect life.  It was also a time to remember to be in prayer for those who continue on the front lines defending life.

As Brad, Ellen and David rejoice at their respective son's return home from Iraq and Afghanistan, it was also a time to encourage one another in a mutual commitment to remain in prayer as David's other son was deployed in January.

On foreign ground and in the United States, the battle for life is at a pivotal time and NRB was an important opportunity to thank those who partner in their commitment to honoring all life.

If you weren't able to join Brad at NRB where he personally thanked station partners for airing "Life Issues®," please email me to be added to a iPod drawing this coming Friday, March 12th.      

Thank you for your commitment to being Christ's soldiers in protection of every human life!

Lee Ann


We Connect. Ministry and Media.

P.S.  Please provide the name of any service personnel you'd like the "Life Issues®" team to include on their prayer list-they'd be honored if you would!









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