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Following the One True Voice

The roar of competing voices in our culture is deafening and incessant.  Conflicting voices caused problems all the way back in the Garden of Eden . . .

The voice of God said, "You are free to eat from every tree but one-if you eat from that tree, you will die."  The voice of the serpent whispered, "You won't die-in fact, you'll become like God!"  Eve was led astray when she listened to the wrong voice.  Then she proceeded to become a voice that echoed the deception of the serpent himself as she influenced her husband to reject the voice of God. 

Since the 1950s, a powerful chorus of voices has urged women to partake of the fruit of self-reliance and self-determination.  Multiple generations of women have responded en masse, with disastrous consequences.

In ministering to women for more than 30 years, Nancy Leigh DeMoss has witnessed the fallout firsthand.  She's seen this in thousands of emails and letters from women whose hearts and hopes have been shattered.  She's seen it in the eyes of women who are experiencing the damage that results when the din of this world's voices drowns out the one Voice we most need to hear. 

Years ago, the Lord began to lay on Nancy's heart a burden for a countercultural revolution in which women would reject the seductive voices of this world and instead follow the voice of Christ.  Revive Our Hearts and the True Woman Conferences are the result of that burden.

Just last week in Chattanooga, more than 2500 women heard the challenge to anchor their lives in His Word, to live out the concept of biblical womanhood, and to embrace God's calling on their lives-and took it to heart. 

As we go forward with two more True Woman events this Fall, would you pray with us that women will come, hungry to feast on God's Word and sound it forth in their sphere of influence-lifting their voice "for such a time as this"!

(Adapted from Voices of the True Woman Movement by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Releases this month from Moody Publishers.) 

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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