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Jim Garlow Equips You for April 22!

Earth Day Radio Special With Jim Garlow

If you're anything like me, Earth Day hasn't been your thing. I've never really done anything on Earth Day (except maybe plant a tree with my third grade class).  I'm not ungrateful for creation. it's just that I didn't know "what" Earth Day really was about. A certain paranoia overcame me, wanting to avoid being labeled as a person who was "worshipping creation rather than the creator."

Good news. If you're involved in Earth Day, it's actually an opportunity to magnify the Creator...not detract! That's exactly what Jim Garlow hones in on with his Earth Day radio special!

Bringing clarity to this celebration, Jim explains the difference between the environment and "environmentalism." In fact, Jim points out that on April 22, the Church has an incredible opportunity for evangelism. It's more than picking up trash or planting a garden. It's about the treasure of God's creation.  

So as Earth Day comes around this year, consider joining with people from your community to care for creation...some great conversations can open up about the value of creation (since it's a gift from God!).

And don't forget to air Jim's special. It'll be a huge help to all your listeners, who, like me, had no idea where faith and Earth Day intertwined.

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador--Connecting Ministry and Media

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