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Mercy In The Midst of Disruptions

Volcano smokeI'm sure by now, you have heard about all the problems the Iceland volcano eruption has caused.  The chaos and havoc may even have impacted your friends and family who are travelling!  The Mercy Ships® team has also been impacted.

The Mercy Ships team, thankfully, responded in a 'merciful' way to this crisis:

"For those of you that are curious...yes the volcano over Iceland has affected the crew of the Africa Mercy. We have volunteers that want to get there and cannot, and others on the ship ready to go home that cannot. But the good news is that since our orthopedic surgeon can't get home we are doing another week of ortho surgery!"

- Mercy Ship (from Facebook)

Responding to unexpected and difficult circumstances in a positive way is exactly what "The Mercy Minute" is all about!  Thank you for sharing these real and uplifting stories that encourage your listeners to be filled with mercy!  Upcoming titles include "A Foreclosure Angel," "Baby Delivered By a Bus" and "Child Care for the Unemployed." 

Finally, I wanted to share with you a video about those who were blind, but can now see, thanks to the efforts of the volunteers on Mercy Ships®.  If you like this video, why don't you become a fan of Mercy Ships® and 'like' them on Facebook!

Ki Yong Kim


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