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Seconds of Grace

Woman in rocking chair"I want ____________ "[fill in the blank]

There are a lot of things I want. There are, however, very few things I actually need.  A mentor told me about an easy way to refocus my thoughts so that I have a proper view of my wants vs. needs!  He calls it a "second of grace":

1. Stop. [Stop stressing and worrying ...]

2. Breath in.

3. Pause.

4. Breath out.

Think about it.  We have air ... and the ability to breathe.  This doesn't cost us anything.  And we've been doing it all this time without even thinking about it!

The longer we pause, the more things we are aware of God's grace in our life.  Soon we will realize that we don't need everything we want.  

Fear vs. courage works in a similar way as wants vs. needs. On the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Max Lucado reminded us that "courage is fear that says its prayers."  We need to trust that God is in control and can take care of our fears.  The sooner we stop and think about what our fear is, identify it's purpose and then release it into the hands of our capable God, the sooner we can breathe easier!

I love having these "seconds of grace" as I listen to Max share insightful and challenging messages in UpWords®.  I'm sure that your listeners agree!  Look out for great features like "God's Memory,"  "A Servant's Mindset" and "Taking for Granted" in May.  I pray that you too will have a "second of grace" and thank God for all that he's done for us!

KiYong Kim


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