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Bringing World Events Into Perspective

Reading the Daily NewsEven with a journalistic background, sometimes I read the news and get lost in the details. You might relate ... I get the main points , but I don't take the time to integrate the meaning into my life. That's one reason I'm so grateful for Chuck Colson and Mark Earley. They constantly help me understand the larger impact of world events and the culture on the Church!

Just last week as headlines soared about Goldman Sachs, Chuck Colson explained the real story of the day: a lost of ethics in commercial markets and the trickle down impact on the average person. I'll be honest, I didn't get that from the article--I never pushed myself to put it in context of a biblical worldview. I'm so thankful Chuck Colson did! If you're like me and would like deeper insight into this story, just check out the BreakPoint® commentary from the day.

Equipping your listeners on a variety of levels, the team at BreakPoint® is offering many resources!

  • Colson Center for Christian WorldviewVideos (check out the latest Two Minute Warning from Chuck Colson
  • Centurion Training
  • The Colson Center Worldview Gym
  •  More articles, tools and training!
  • A content rich resource, Chuck and Mark know the value of a solid worldview...and they want to make sure your listeners have everything they need to build one!


Your partnership is a critical component for all that happens with "BreakPoint®" and "The Point®." Especially as people are looking for experts to frame situations in a biblical context, partnership on the local level is vital. Thank you for your faithful dedication to Truth and commitment to impacting the culture!

Partnering in Him,

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador. We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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Good that you reminded folks of all these opportunities. Just last week I signed up to do Series 1 in the Worldclass Gym.

So glad to hear it, Sharon! Let us know how it goes! :)

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