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Life is precious...

Lee Ann Jackson and Peggy Campbell

Life is precious.

Life is worth fighting for.

Life is from God.

Do you see these truths shared in the media today? Rarely, if at all.  Popular culture transmits values and worldviews faster than a viral infection.  The once popularized concept of a trickle down effect seems to have exploded and transformed into a fire hydrant. Information overload. Tolerance and Pluralism reign.  The mantra they scream is . . .

Life is not precious.

Life is not worth fighting for.

Life is not from God.

And that's the message that Brad Mattes of Life Issues® Institute shares daily . . . that life is in fact precious, worth fighting for, and is from God.

Grateful for the impact that Christian radio has in helping to encourage believers with the pro-life message, a special episode of the ministry's TV show, Facing Life Head On was recently recorded during NRB in Nashville.  In it, Brad takes us behind the scenes on how the 1:00 radio commentary, Life Issues®, is produced--and the life-changing influence it has had.

(You can watch the full episode here.)

Joining Brad are Ambassador's own Peggy Campbell and Lee Ann Jackson reflecting on their involvement with Life Issues® for more than a decade.  Also featured is longtime partner Clair Miller (WFCJ-Dayton OH) underscoring the value this feature brings to their own community. 

Thank you for being one of the more than 600 radio outlets who ensure that the pro-life message is heard across the country and beyond!  And ... we hope you'll be pleased to see this TV episode that features the significant value of radio!

KiYong Kim


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