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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Giving Hope to Parents of Prodigals

Beyond the Call GraduateOnce the cap is launched in the air what are the hopes and fears of the graduate's parents?  Many parents beam with pride as their son or daughter embark on a journey marked with clear goals and a vision of how they will go beyond the call in contributing to their world.

Then there are the parents who pray and hold their breath as they see their child-turned-adult make unwise decision after unwise decision.  This was the case for the parents in this upcoming story listeners will hear on "Beyond the Call" with Ron Cline:

Peter could not wait ...

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A Father's Sacrifice

Sgt. Nathen Werner with NashWhile on Facebook the other day, I came across this photo of our nephew holding his newborn son.  My heart leapt.  What a precious reminder of life and those men and women serving in the armed forces fighting to protect it. 

It's also a stark reminder of the fathers (and mothers) who are sacrificing time with their families to serve our country.  And while this dad may be home to enjoy his first Father's Day, in October he's deployed again, this time to Afghanistan. 

Recognizing the challenges facing many military marriages, FamilyLife has created several resources to ...

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Instant Godliness?

Kiyong and CarolynOur society is all about instant gratification.

Need evidence? Just go to the grocery store! There are aisles upon aisles of instant noodles, microwave dinners and other pre-made meals.  We like the quick, efficient and hassle free solutions to our daily "problems."

I'm not bashing the innovations of our modern society or the convenience that comes with it. In fact, I quite enjoy it.  I take full advantage of microwave lasagna when I need a quick fix.  I am, however, asking whether or not I allow this philosophy of instant gratification to permeate into things that matter the most ...

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Memorial Day -- What Does It Mean To You?

  • Friday, May 28, 2010
  • Evelyn Gibson
  • Insights

Military GravesWhen I was a kid, Memorial Day was all about our city's parade.  And if you were a Girl Scout like I was, it meant marching in the parade.  And if you ever got to carry the flag--it was the best ever Memorial Day! 

This year I'll be singing the National Anthem to open the festivities honoring veterans of foreign wars at Eisenhower Park in Seal Beach, California.  And I'll be wearing my POW bracelet.  Remember those?  We wore them in the 70s with the name of a captured or lost soldier in Vietnam. 

I had Lt ...

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Are You A Pack-Rat?

  • Thursday, May 27, 2010
  • Sheri Cooper

Are you a pack-rat?  Do you save things just knowing someday you'll need one of them - but when you do, you can't even find it?  I have a friend just like that.  She won't get rid of anything "useful." 

Watching her overwhelming clutter control her, I decided it was time to eliminate a lot of things I've been holding on to.  So, each month I give away something, and throw away something.  My kids and grandkids have begun to love this, as I am passing on things that have meaning to them - their old school ...

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Do You Feel Ill-equipped to Disciple?

As a follower of Christ, do you sometimes feel insecure when it comes to sharing your faith, much less leading others to Christ?  I know I do.  I have this tendency to over analyze a situation, focus too much on my flaws and inabilities, and then end up doing nothing. 


But yet the Scriptures provide an important reminder that we’re really no different than the 12 ordinary guys who became Jesus’ disciples.  Jesus took these men with their flaws and inabilities and turned their weaknesses into strengths.  I don’t know about you but that gives me great encouragement ...

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