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What a mess!

Oil SpillWhat a mess!


I heard my wife’s voice on the other end of the line talking to my daughter….my daughter Grace who we both love, but who often forgets to clean up after she has played with her toys. It can be really frustrating. Any parent knows it’s a whole lot easier to prevent the mess than it is to clean it up. 


Parents are not the only ones who know.  BP knows…The Gaylord Opryland knows…Wall Street knows.  In fact, if you’ve been listening this past week to HAVEN Today you’ve heard Charles Morris talking about those spills and floods and crashes.


Some messes can’t be anticipated, controlled or contained. Some messes are just part of life.  The good news is that Jesus ministers to us while we are still “messy.” He heals hurts, comforts in calamity, and cleans up our catastrophes.


I hear that message again and again from Charles Morris on HAVEN Today as he keeps “Telling the Great Story…It’s all about Jesus.” When I get my focus off all the mess, and on to Christ it gives me right perspective, which is why I’m so thankful for HAVEN Today – it keeps my eyes focused above the mess …and I’m not just talking about Grace’s room.


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