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A Father's Sacrifice

Sgt. Nathen Werner with NashWhile on Facebook the other day, I came across this photo of our nephew holding his newborn son.  My heart leapt.  What a precious reminder of life and those men and women serving in the armed forces fighting to protect it. 

It's also a stark reminder of the fathers (and mothers) who are sacrificing time with their families to serve our country.  And while this dad may be home to enjoy his first Father's Day, in October he's deployed again, this time to Afghanistan. 

Recognizing the challenges facing many military marriages, FamilyLife has created several resources to equip and encourage couples in active duty.  They even offer a special military rate for couples attending a Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway.  If you'd like to support the military man in your life this Father's Day, consider one of these resources.  Find more details at familylife.com/militarymarriage

By the way, leading up to Father's Day weekend, "FamilyLife Today" presents a 3-day interview with Freddie Scott II, a former football player who followed his father into the NFL. Together with Freddie, Dennis Rainey and co-host Bob Lepine discuss the important role of a father and the character traits vital to being the dad every child wants.  Other compelling content is airing this month so be sure to download June's promo packet to learn more.

As you take time this Memorial Day to remember the heroes who have died serving our country, pray for the military men and women and their families who continue to make sacrifices for our country's freedom.

Michelle Blood

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media

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