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Mother's Day ... from a different perspective!

Mother's Day FlowersAs a single woman with no children--Mother's Day is an "interesting" holiday.

Like when the pastor says:  "Would all the mothers please stand!"
Whoa!  Intimidating!  And let's not even talk about the children passing out "mother flowers."  It's not that I don't want mothers honored, I'm just saying it's a weird moment.

And eating out alone on Mother's Day Sunday?  For many, that can be daunting on a regular day!

I have a single friend who hasn't had a birthday celebrated on her birthday in years!  She was born on Mother's Day.  Oops-that's never going to work.

So, a few survival tips:

If your mother's still living and able--host her for the day.  That's always win/win. 

Have a response ready for the inevitable. . ."Happy Mother's Day!" (Mine's a smile and a thank you.)  The worst thing you can do is explain, "I'm not a mother. . ."  Awkward!!

You could wimp out and skip church that day!  Eat in.  Hibernate.

When all is said and done--it IS a day to honor mom!  You may not be one, but you have one. 

Brad Mattes (Life Issues®) wrote in a script for Mother's Day:

 "You're listening today because your mom chose life!"

I love that!

Evelyn Gibson


Exactly! I know what your are saying. I was one who skipped Mother's Day each year (and Father's Day for that) and I choose to avoid the awkward feeling that not only came with the "Happy Mother's Day" greetings, but also possibly being the only older adult woman left sitting. Since I am now a step mother it's a bit easier for me to accept the "Happy Mother's Day" greeting that come my way.

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