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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Better Than Iron Man

Dr. Gary Parker in Sierra Leone (2001)In Iron Man 2, Stark declared that he has done the world a big favor: "I have successfully privatized world peace!"  He (Iron Man) single handedly made the world a safer place.

I wish life were that simple. It would be incredible if one creative and benevolent individual would eradicate world hunger and poverty, while at the same time introduce lasting peace, joy and mercy.

Come to think of it, there was one teacher who started a movement a little over 2000 years ago in a dusty Middle Eastern town.  He taught his followers radical ideas on loving God and ...

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A Chord of Three Strands

There's no doubt about it -- relationships can be tough.  Sometimes I think life would be so much easier without people!  Seriously though, most days I long for relationship.  Perhaps it's because God created us for relationship.

I'm not surprised that the most common issue that is addressed in listener correspondence to Revive Our Hearts is this matter of relationships.  People are crying out about hurt and pain and challenges with their relationships. 

To help us with answers, Nancy Leigh DeMoss is teaching a new series called, The Power of Relationships, providing listeners much-needed encouragement while looking at ...

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A Gift for Dad

What is something that every man needs?  How can a woman bring honor to her husband and encourage him to be the leader in the home?

It's time to give Dad special attention as we celebrate Father's Day on June 20th.

Elizabeth George has much to say in this latest special, "A Gift for Dad - from A Woman After God's Own Heart."

Listeners will join Elizabeth in an enthusiastic conversation - "coffee talk" - with gals interacting about the most important gift they could give their husband for Father's Day.

And, as a special treat, they'll ...

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The Impact of a Worldview

It could be my generation, but my friends often question how much of a difference any particular worldview makes. Especially as relativism is embraced, the assumption that worldview doesn't change anything is becoming more and more prevalent. Candidly, there's nothing further from the truth.

Worldview impacts everything!

Chuck ColsonEveryday Chuck Colson and Mark Earley remind us about the value of a correct of a worldview. From social justice to politics, from loving a neighbor to business--the Christian faith changes how we engage with the world.

I'm a bit of a worldview junkie, loving apologetics. That's why I ...

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Not Just A Statistic!

Jean Valjean 24601Life Issues® with Brad Mattes reminds me of the power behind numbers.  It's not just a digit ... it's a life

In college we used to say that we were just a "number."  Our school ID number was needed to check e-mail, register for classes, get into the café, and even access our rooms!

I'm sure you can relate.  We all have a phone number, bank account number, license plate number and social security number.  Thankfully, these numbers aren't designed to dehumanize us, but help things run smoothly in our daily life.

There are instances, however, when ...

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Kid's Features Making an Impact

There's something new from Compassion -- and you don't want to miss it!  Each week Wess Stafford, speaker for Speak Up With Compassion®, turns over the microphone to kids to hear what they have to say about children in poverty.  Here's one of them:

Compassion Kid's FeaturesThis year teenagers in Long Beach, California came up with a cool idea to help kids in Haiti!  Hi, this is Summer Conner, a southern California child of Compassion speaking up for children in poverty!  Every year there's a big race in Long Beach called the Grand Prix.  And lots of people pay ...

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