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Share A Thought About Your Dad

Father's Day


'Tis the season.  No, not that one ... although most of us might feel as busy now as we do at Christmas.  Let's see -- graduations, bridal showers, weddings, summer vacation plans ... oh yes, and Father's Day!  We asked the Ambassador team to share a thought about their dads at our website -- we'd love to have your input too!  And ... if you happen to be a dad -- hope your Sunday is as special as your family thinks you are!  Blessings!


My grandfather passed on his “life verse” to my father. He likewise passed it on to me. I have a wood carving made of the verse for my children and grandchildren, stating that, “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” (Prov. 22:1)

I may not have much in the way of riches to pass on to my children, but I pray I can pass on a good name like my grandfather gave my dad, and my dad gave me.

My Dad modeled for me what serving your wife looks like. He would help cook, clean and repair the house. He protected Mom, loved her and cherished her. I am who I am today because of his example.

My dad is a living example of God’s love. He is patient and kind and loves mom as much now as he did when they married over 53 years ago.

My Dad has constantly lived with integrity in all areas of his life--from work, to home, to ministry. He's a great example of what it means to have a character grounded on integrity, which guides decisions in all aspects of life.

My Dad's job took him half way around the world and was (and still is) one of the most dangerous professions to be in. As a merchant marine, and with that, as a captain of a container ship, I saw my Dad corageously provide for his family and handle an extreme amount of responsibility. He is my hero.

My Dad passed away in 1996 at the ripe old age of 93. The old saying is true...the older I get, the smarter my Dad gets!

As an immigrant from Austria, he tried to tell me what a privilege it is to live in this free nation of ours, and that in spite of any imperfections, it is still the best place to live. Once my leftist, college indoctrination wore off, I realized how right he was.

He also instilled the great virtues of honesty, hard work, faithfulness and loyalty.

And of course, he had a great sense of humor; we loved to share a good laugh.

Rest in Peace, Dad!

My dad is my hero. He has an incredible passion for life and an unquenchable thirst to use his life for God's Kingdom. He inspires me to never give up because I've never seen him give up - even through the most challenging seasons of his life. I'm proud to call him my dad.

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  • JC
  • June 14, 2010

My Dad, always the provider, always the giver. He's taught me so much. A great model of a servant leader.

Thanks Dad, I love you!

This weekend we celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. It seems like it was just yesterday when he was working two jobs (McDonnell Douglas during the day, Sears at night) to take care of his family ... taking us on summer vacations ... giving us spelling tests on Saturdays ... running marathons ... and giving us endless articles to read (he still does this). Of course, there were many days when he had to lay down the law with us kids, too.

Time flies. Time is short. All the more reason I look forward to honoring my dad this weekend when I can tell him just how much I love him and appreciate all that he did for his family, and for the love and wisdom he showered on us over the years.

My father left this earth abruptly in 2006—though a modest, hard-working man, he bequeathed to me a cherished treasure . . . his collection of scrapbooks and poetry books. From Longfellow to Browning—a priceless gift because I know how much the poems meant to my father. As Father’s Day approaches, I came across a page in one of the poetry books he’d marked--My Evening Prayer. It begins, “If I have wounded any soul today, If I have caused one foot to go astray, If I have walked in my own willful way—Good Lord, forgive!” Thank you, Dad, for reminding me even now of what really matters.

I think I take after my Dad in this ... I'm not much for words. Though, there are several words I would use to describe him: consistent, reliable, faithful, humble, lovable; I found that he is still inquisitive at age 86; he is devoted to his wife and kids and most certainly to his LORD.

My earthly father is a wonderful example of how my heavenly father answers prayer. God gave me a promise (Psa.126:5) about my dad's salvation in 1972 and I saw it fulfilled 28 years later. One of my proudest moments was hearing my dad share his testimony at a men's breakfast a few years ago. I thought we were going to lose dad just a few weeks ago but he made a miraculous recovery and is now home from the hospital. Praise God! Thanks also dad for playing catch with me on those day's when I know you were tired after a hard day's work. Go Phillies! I cherish the memory.

My Dad displayed spiritual leadership in our home, but also exemplified servant leadership. He's been faithful to my Mom for almost 60 years of marriage. He always made time for me, helping with school work, throwing catch and just being there. He served in church and out of a heart for single moms, started a special ministry to them. He's a go-getter and is still serving in ministry. I'm so proud of my Dad!

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